Comic Book: Retirement – AHA!… (p6) (August 2008)

I am a packrat by nature. It is so debilitating, that I carted many things (some might say aren’t worth keeping) across the country. I declared I was ready to start, in yesterday’s episode. Today’s installment reveals my starting point.


It is getting harder and harder for me to be an existentialist these days. My wife and I are trying to pack up and move halfway across the country, and I am trying desperately to let go of things I don’t need and will probably never need. There’s the rub: ‘things I will probably never […]

More Thoughts on Letting Go

An answer In my blog the other day, I wondered whether siblings of handicapped brothers or sisters would necessarily end up being acquisitive, keeping memorabilia and other clutter. I got a wonderful comment from Kristin, who also has a handicapped sib and no problem at all with de-cluttering, or ‘cleansing’ as she so aptly put […]

Letting Go

No, not the maudlin ‘letting go’ one must deal with at the end of a relationship, or when a loved one dies; it is letting go of stuff accumulated over the years. See my post, Storage Implies Retrieval, for more information about my relationship with ‘stuff’. I am sure that cluttering disorder is in DSM-5 […]

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