Memories of Michael: Brothers Posing at Willowbrook (early 1960s)

Mom or Dad took this picture of Dave and me, by the steps leading up to Mike’s building at Willowbrook. This was during one of the frequent visits we made to see our brother. The picture below is my wishful thinking made visible.

Scrapbook, Mike’s Toddler Days from ‘My Brother Michael’

Here are some pictures from Mike‘s toddler days. You can see my dad’s father and my mom’s mother hold Mike as a baby.  Dad is trying to interest Mike in the piano. Mike seems to be having fun with mom in one of the photos.  

A Birthday Tribute

Happy Birthday Mom. You are the best! You were strong when we were growing up. Even in the era of the ‘refrigerator mother’, you said, “I never felt guilty about Michael and you shouldn’t either.”  Other parents had children like Michael and you worked with them to start a support network – quite something in […]

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