Fantasy on a Coronal Section

My friend of longest standing (since kindergarten) gave me Atlas of the Human Brain in Section, because he knew I loved neuroanatomy. For today’s watercolor experiment, I did a ‘blind’ drawing (sketching without looking at the paper) of a cross section of a human brain. I added some details (unrelated to brain anatomy) after finishing […]

Memory Fades

Today’s watercolor experiment: This is the third watercolor study in my ‘brain series’. (Previous studies: Compartmentalization and Brain Teasers.) I began by taking my pencil point for a walk (thank you, Paul Klee, for that metaphor). I made a continuous line beginning at the upper right side of the picture plane, stylizing the contours of half the […]


Today’s watercolor study: Below is the second study in my ‘brain series’.  I have some knowledge of brain anatomy, with which I inform some of the entries in this group of sketches. I am fascinated by the idea that the very arrangement and function of cells in the most important organ of the central nervous […]

Brain Teasers

Before I begin today’s post, I have an update on the Baby Kiwi Leaf picture. I changed the background, added some details in the Mommy leaf and worked a bit on the Baby Leaf too. All that remains is to glaze the Mommy leaf so it becomes more integrated. Today’s watercolor experiment: I started a […]


There are identity shifts and there are shifts in ways of thinking… not all for the better. As an example of this, let me walk you through a bit of what I’ve been thinking over the past day or so.  Those of you who have followed me for a while know that I am very […]

Emotion & Empathy Circuitry in Infants

For some reason I started reading The Science of Evil [1] again. It is an easy read, and I needed to relax. Not that reading about the scientific basis of evil, or rather as Baron-Cohen puts it, the erosion of empathy, is a particularly relaxing pastime. However, as it seems as good a place as […]

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