Watching a Scary Movie

When I was a kid I had several methods of coping with scary movies on TV. The first was to hide behind the couch and peek out. The second, depicted below, was to put my hands over my face and look through my fingers.  Dad offered to turn off the movie if it was so […]

Three Cancer Killers – Portrait

I came up with a sketch for the three weapons we are using to combat lung cancer. It is a schematic and, as such, clearly indicates each agent and its route of administration. My watercolor is a transcription of the sketch, with little modification. The three modes include whole brain radiation; a pill that works on […]

After and Before

More about Radiation I thought I would try redeeming myself from yesterday’s portrait. Today’s ‘After and Before’ refers the the effects after and before (reading the portrait left to right) radiation to the entire brain. Of course the treatment is supposed to kill cancer cells, while leaving the non-cancerous cells alone. The bad thing is, the […]


The portrait below is not what I hoped it would be. It is indeed quick and dirty, but it represents the aftermath of whole-brain radiation. There is some planning that goes into focusing the radiation beam, but it is not a surgically precise procedure. Redness, swelling, sweating and tiredness are part of the effects.

Brain Cancer

Not too bad at the beginning. Lung cancer routinely spreads to the brain. Symptoms creep up slowly. A little more weakness on the right side, inability to get the words out, a bit more incoordination. Falling. Then the medical imaging confirms the spread. Most of us can touch our noses with our finger with our eyes closed. There […]