Imaginary Brother – New Ideas

I began my blog 4 years ago with the idea of sharing my experiences as the sibling of an older autistic, low functioning, nonverbal individual (my brother Mike).  Most of 2013 was a recap of my struggle to get to know Mike. I relied on old family photographs; my journal entries; thoughts about the dynamics […]

Salted Colors

Today’s watercolor is another salt experiment. Instead of washing the entire paper with single colors, I mixed them in one pass. While the pigments were mixing in the wet mass on the paper, I sprinkled pretzel salt on them and waited for it to dry. Here is the result: I’m going to pin this up in […]


Today’s watercolor study: Below is the second study in my ‘brain series’.  I have some knowledge of brain anatomy, with which I inform some of the entries in this group of sketches. I am fascinated by the idea that the very arrangement and function of cells in the most important organ of the central nervous […]