Book Case

I have a few book cases in my studio. Over the years, the contents have changed. They used to be heavy with books about human anatomy; the brain (human and other vertebrates); math and science essays. I’ve moved some of these into the Garage of Dorian Gray, to keep the studio perpetually young and productive. […]

House Painting

This post was supposed to be another painting lesson with my ten year old granddaughter, Sidra. We painted side-by-side the other day. I drew a little sketch of her home and did a bit of an underpainting while she was at school, hoping to engage her in adding to it later in the day when […]

To Read, Perchance To Dream

Today’s watercolor experiment: I took my own advice from yesterday and tried to combine the square, frame-like organization with a more organic (meaning smooth or natural), looser composition. I began painting today, as yesterday, with simple, flat brushstrokes. Today, I allowed the horizontal ultramarine blue and Winsor red swaths, painted at the top of the […]

Vintage Bookstore Watercolor

Today’s watercolor sketch is one I did a couple of years ago from my bookstore photographs. Not only do I love photography and books, but bookstores also happen to be my favorite places to visit.  When I first lived in New York City, there were a lot of them: Argosy Book Store, near Park Avenue […]

Hog Heaven

Today I pigged out at the bookstore. I have given a lot of thought to the idea of communication and language in my attempt to understand the gulf between my autistic, profoundly retarded, nonverbal brother and me. In yesterday’s post I reviewed the basic components of communications systems – without regard to the content of […]


Importance of importance Early in my career, I was in charge of a nascent computer department at a city medical center. Paper records ruled at that time and there was a natural reluctance among the older established docs, to implement computerization of their operations. There happened to be enough work in laying the groundwork of […]