Reading Break

One think I like about my new job is, if I forget to bring along the book I’m reading, I can go to where it resides on the shelf, pick up a copy and read it during my break.  However, the job is not without its ethical challenges. For instance, a customer asked me to […]

Reading about Matisse

I’ve been trying to slog through some books about Henri Matisse lately. It’s a bit of a tough go, reading art catalogs. First of all, many of them are enormous; the kind that, were I to read one in bed, I would be at great risk for concussion if I dozed off. Secondly, the reader is […]

Blue Streak

I love to peruse the magazine section when I go to a bookstore. I gravitate toward the watercolor magazines and buy one now and then. However, I find that I rarely read them once I get home. Just as “writer’s block” is a phenomenon that inhibits writing, I’m sure that there is an equivalent circumstance that […]

House Painting

This post was supposed to be another painting lesson with my ten year old granddaughter, Sidra. We painted side-by-side the other day. I drew a little sketch of her home and did a bit of an underpainting while she was at school, hoping to engage her in adding to it later in the day when […]


Sidra, my granddaughter, ten years of age, has a school assignment. She must read a biography and report about it. She also has to make or buy five objects related to the person and show them.  She chose to report about Anne Frank.  I asked Sidra what she already knew about her. She said that she […]

To Read, Perchance To Dream

Today’s watercolor experiment: I took my own advice from yesterday and tried to combine the square, frame-like organization with a more organic (meaning smooth or natural), looser composition. I began painting today, as yesterday, with simple, flat brushstrokes. Today, I allowed the horizontal ultramarine blue and Winsor red swaths, painted at the top of the […]


I’m the kind of person who (tries to) concentrate on one thing at a time. Its not easy for me. I used to have all kinds of trouble. Sometimes when I would read stories, my eyes would drift off the page and I would continue a narrative, of my own making, in my head. When I […]