Thinking or Sleeping

This woman is in a state of mind different than yesterday’s subject. Today’s lady is looking inward, absorbed in her thoughts or meditating.  The woman from my previous sketch seems to be focused on the middle distance, wondering about affairs outside herself, even though we don’t see her eyes.

Man with Glasses, Writing

I’m making some progress with blind drawing. I am getting better with longer contours. Head shapes are coming more naturally. I’m not quite sure what happened with the man’s glasses (his left lens – on the right side of the paper).. I must have begun on with the downward stroke on the right and come […]

Reading Man Drawn Blind

I think I started at the man’s right forearm and drew a continuous line that stopped at his down-turned mouth. I continued with a lift of the pen and drew the hollow under his lower lip, finishing with the outline of his cheek. I completed the drawing with two more lines: the first included the […]