Unfinished Portrait and Patient Getting Ready to Leave

Even though the wait in a waiting room seems interminable, patients do get called in. The trick, as a sketcher, is to choose a subject that has a long wait, or whose time in one place can be predicted. The gentleman on the right was getting ready to leave, so I had a good idea […]


I never realized how crazy the world of retail was until now. Last year I was worked very few hours, as I was inexperienced. But now that I know what I’m doing, I work a lot more and, this time of year, the store is open even longer than usual.  How is this relevant to […]

House Painting

This post was supposed to be another painting lesson with my ten year old granddaughter, Sidra. We painted side-by-side the other day. I drew a little sketch of her home and did a bit of an underpainting while she was at school, hoping to engage her in adding to it later in the day when […]