AutismInspiredArt Etsy Shop: The Lighthouse (2015)

I always hoped to get my brother Mike’s attention. Mike was autistic, low functioning and nonverbal; his attention was devoted to meeting his own needs. Now and then, I would see his eye looking at me. It seemed that Mike’s attention to others was the same as a lighthouse beam: paying brief attention to a […]

Beach with Displaced Shade

There was a cool breeze at the beach today. But the sun was unrelenting. The people at this table didn’t seem to mind, otherwise they would have transplanted that patch of unused shade by moving the unemployed umbrella. It was fun watching the people at the party; the boats floating through the channel between the […]


Today’s watercolor experiment: I am still working with the icons I developed for my brother Mike and me. Mike is my older autistic brother, for those of you reading my blog for the first time. Mike is very low functioning and nonverbal. One of the themes I have used in previous watercolors is a triangle […]

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