When I began my book about my brother Mike*, I sought advice from other artists and writers. One of my teachers asked me whether my book was to be a window or a mirror. That was difficult to answer. If my book were to be a window, it would tell my brother’s story objectively. If […]


This photo, cropped from the full frame shows the parking lot lines forming an obtuse angle.  When lines intersect, the presence of an obtuse angle means that an acute angle also exists. The obtuse angle is prominent, pointing toward the red line stenciled with the word ‘parking’. This line actually indicates a fire zone.

Rightish Angle

Here is another example of intersecting lines that I found on the surface of a local parking lot. The angle defined by the outer boundary of the blue ‘L’ is a bit greater than 90 degrees. The inner angle appears to be less than 90 degrees.  Taken together, as lines of two dimensions, the angle […]

Nerve Ending

This free form gradually coalesced into the form the end of a nerve’s axon. The business end, which transmits its information across a gap (the synapse) to the next nerve cell body. The splatters are the neurotransmitters, released into this space. These transmitters act on the next cell to change its membrane  properties to make […]


This free form was self contained until I continued some of the inner contours beyond the outer boundaries. At first, I thought of them as ribbons. However, after I painted-in the dark surround, the extended strips lost their ribbon-like qualities. They looked more spiky and inflexible. An interesting transformation.  

Right Angle

I found a nice bit of paint on the parking lot today, a relief from yesterday’s jarring misalignment (see Put it Back). I had to scoot my feet out of the way so I didn’t get them in the frame of the photo. I had to guess when my phone camera was parallel to the […]

After Image

In this study I reduced a portrait of my brother Mike* to a line drawing, borrowing a bit from Paul Klee, Bauhaus Master and Painter from the early part of the 20th century.  On the left side of the paper, I drew the same line drawing, first with white pencil, with the hope of creating […]

Building Blocks

Red is the predominant color in this study. Green and bluish striations connect the top and bottom layers. Blocks of yellow and red are gathered on the bottom and top (respectively) of the composition. This is an abstract construction, but I have my own idea about what it represents. What do you think?

Put it Back

Why can’t people leave things the way they found them?  It seems to be common courtesy if nothing else. My photo today is a case in point. Whoever painted the lines for this parking space, by necessity, had to overlay the manhole cover. It appears that a workman required access to the space underneath said […]