It was a long trip back home. I still see the road when I close my eyes. Coziness was on my mind during the whole trip…

Today’s watercolor experiment:

I began with a lazy terra rosa curve. ‘Terra rosa’ just sounds cozy, doesn’t it?  It is buttery in consistency and I love to paint with it.  The drips on either end of this earth-toned curved figure that looks like a lazy number ‘6’ made it seem like a cradle.

I thought terra rosa might blend well with a cooler blue, so I painted a concentric inner blue curve and a warm core at the center (cadmium red light).

What would normally make someone cozy? A gentle rocking, warm and safe from a storm? I painted a blue wave just underneath the lazy 6, with a suggestion of turbulence on its leading edge. On the trailing edge of the ‘6’, I painted wisps of terra rosa, eroding from the cradle.

The warm center rocks gently in the swell of the sea. What could be cozier?

Watercolor: Abstract Terra Rosa '6' with Red Core, Surrounded by Blue

9″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

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