Fun with Frisket

Today’s watercolor experiment: I just love my new frisket (also known as masking fluid). The liquid latex that I used previously was pretty viscous. That made for interesting drops and splashes when poured, but the traces tended to be course when I would tilt the paper to encourage the fluid to run across the paper. […]

Waves and Reflections

I’m taking it easy and feeling better since my kidney stone pain. Thank you for your kind wishes. Today’s watercolor experiment: I watched a video about painting waves and tried it out. Waves – Process: I carefully wet the paper, unlike my normal practice of soaking it. After preparing a wash of Prussian blue, I […]


Today’s watercolor experiment: Today I began with a light wash of English yellow. I prepared too much of it from a previous painting and had enough left over to use. I broke away from my habit of applying swooshes of color across the page in arcs and used a number 16 round brush to outline a […]