It’s a Jungle Out There

I began with French ultramarine, one of the pigments I used in yesterday’s composition. Ultimately, these two brushstrokes were overlaid with ultramarine violet, another grainy pigment, and relegated to minor figures at the center-left of the study. I painted the upper part of the paper with ultramarine violet and, after drying, rewet the area with red iron […]


It was a long trip back home. I still see the road when I close my eyes. Coziness was on my mind during the whole trip… Today’s watercolor experiment: I began with a lazy terra rosa curve. ‘Terra rosa’ just sounds cozy, doesn’t it?  It is buttery in consistency and I love to paint with […]

#4 Burbank Abstract

Today’s watercolor experiment: Blue was the inspiration for today’s experiment. I saw an exhibition at the Norton Simon Museum about the advent of the different blue pigments, beginning with Prussian blue. It included my favorites, cobalt blue and French ultramarine also. I wish they had a catalog of that show, because I was so enthralled […]