Untitled 101916

I streaked a stroke of terra rosa to begin today’s piece. After dripping cadmium red on the paper and letting it dry, I glazed the surface with transparent iron yellow and then transparent iron red. I wanted a study in earth colors.  Finally, I used English yellow to stripe the middle of the first form […]

Abstract – Filter Feeding

Terra Rosa (M. Graham) is a very fine pigment. I brushed it on boldly to the expansive 16×12 paper. I then spouted several compressed air puffs to whisk some of the pigment away from the main stroke. The result reminded me of the big bones of a whale’s mouth connecting with the fine filaments it uses to filter food from […]

Violins in the Street

Some days it easier to make art than others.  I started today’s watercolor in the same manner as yesterday. I drew three contours with my 4B pencil. I interrupted the shape that runs diagonally from lower left to upper right, with a pair of parallel, gently-curved lines. Yesterday I discussed the bi-tonal qualities of Daniel Smith’s (DS) Rose of […]


It was a long trip back home. I still see the road when I close my eyes. Coziness was on my mind during the whole trip… Today’s watercolor experiment: I began with a lazy terra rosa curve. ‘Terra rosa’ just sounds cozy, doesn’t it?  It is buttery in consistency and I love to paint with […]

Burbank Abstract

Today’s watercolor experiment: I’m away from home, without my usual complement of paints and painting tools. Of course, I brought my palette, although normally I don’t use it much; a couple of small white ceramic soy sauce dishes containing dried paint (yellow ochre, cobalt blue, indanthrone blue and cadmium red light); my favorite brushes and […]