In today’s watercolor experiment, instead of my usual sweeping brushstrokes, I took a page out of my grandson, Will’s book. To him, a paint brush was something to stab at the paper, stab and push the bristles forward into the paper.

I stabbed, using a 1/2 inch Hake brush, first with Prussian blue and again, with cobalt blue. I used a bit of bismuth yellow around the edges and filled in many of the spaces between the blue patches with quinacridone nickel. Finally I created a focal point with vermilion red (perhaps a backwards way of designing a composition).

This composition is a group of odd blue shapes held together with the yellow and nickel pigments.

Watercolor: Abstract - Stabbing Brush Strokes

12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

[Note – the red tint on the lower part of the paper is an artifact, resulting from the photo editor’s tone adjustment.]

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