Catching the Morning Light

During the disruption of the pandemic, I’ve been posting moments from the past. My ‘Vintage Photo Series’ is a reprise of photos from the past of which I’m proud. Lately, in my ‘Mike Sketch Series’, I have practiced my sketching by revisiting old photographs of my brother Mike.  With each sketch, I remember my times […]

Big Basin Fern Collection

Today’s watercolor experiment: Yesterday, after our visit to Big Basin State Park, I composed a watercolor of an interesting collection of fallen and half-fallen trees. The trails were damp and moss was everywhere. I would have taken dozens of photos, but I restrained myself. There was something about the transient observation that I enjoyed. It was […]

Head Wind

Today’s watercolor study: I used the same earth-tone schema as yesterday. It was fun to scrape up the rough-surfaced paper to see what would happen when I painted it. But today I just used cold pressed paper without making any changes to the surface. I started with dry paper and drew my Van Dyke brown-laden […]