Sketch Book Series: Leaf Practice (July 2010)

I was trying to find the key to getting the highest contrast between leaf surfaces and the space between them. Complimentary colors are supposed to provide maximal contrast at their interface, so I tried it (see below). I wasn’t too happy with it although, in fairness, I should have done a whole hedge to see […]

From a Magazine

I normally post a sketch or watercolor every day. Yesterday’s post, however was a photograph from my archives. I miss photography, especially those days when I had a darkroom. Sometimes I would hole up for an entire weekend of developing film and making prints.  I remember taking a course in New York City at the […]

Yet Another Leaf

Today’s experiment I found a photograph of an interesting leaf arrangement located next to the red leaf I painted last week. Just like the fuchsia I painted a couple of days ago, the leaves below are primarily one color, in this case, light green. There are subtle reflections and slight differences in colors, but for […]