Mom just died. I was there to celebrate her 90th birthday just a week before her death. My brother Dave and I were both at her side when she passed away. We had her burial yesterday. I tried to concentrate on every detail. But even today, a day later, I’m starting to forget. Usually I take […]

Twenty-seven + Twenty-two

A record I bet that hold a record for forgetting. Back in 1991, I had this roll of film developed. I must have carted it around with all my stuff since college. I think it was 1991, because when I got the contact sheets back I remember thinking, “Damn, this was taken 27 years ago!” […]

East Paterson

Entryway East Paterson, N.J. was the city of the earliest childhood home. I was born in Queens, NY, but don’t remember it at all. There were several brick steps leading up to our apartment. Vague memories tease me as I picture myself on the stoop. I have a picture of Mike and me on this […]


Scanning I am in the process of scanning all my handwritten journals into my computer, an endeavor that my wife doesn’t understand. I tell her that once the journals are safely in the computer, I can upload them to the ‘cloud’, make backups, and never run the risk of losing the content; besides we’re moving […]

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