Preparing for Paul Klee’s Leaf Study

Drawing skills In the past couple of weeks I have been concentrating on still lifes, mainly fruit (Mango Orange Guava, Grocery Store Surprise, Single Dragonfruit, Anemic Blood Orange and Korean Melon, Two Fruits and a Veggie, Symmetry). I doing so, I was practicing my powers of observation, trying to improve my brain-hand linkage to faithfully […]

A Coven of Dragonfruit

Just in time!  I have been struggling, trying to figure out the artistry of Paul Klee. He taught at the Bauhaus, carefully categorized his work, published a sketchbook that outlined his approach to art, wrote notebooks in which he outlined his philosophy, and yet I can’t seem to crack the code.  I do know the […]

Looking for a Vein

Today was a day for doctor visits. In keeping with my interest in gestures I took my camera along with the idea of capturing images of hands at work.  In addition to routine blood tests, for which my poor wife had to endure three punctures, she had another procedure which involved three additional punctures before […]

Last and First

I already did my end-of-year review, but that was on December 30, 2013. I normally write posts toward the end of the day and set them to post automatically at midnight. Usually this wouldn’t be a problem, but in the case of date-sensitive, journal-like posts, it can get confusing. So this is my last post written […]

Neural Factors and Expression

Yesterday, I spoke about expressionism in terms of large sweeping movements of the body, such as those a dancer would make. Yesterday I also thought that it might be just a little oxymoronic to consider a small format painting as expressionistic. I admit that I may have been a little hasty in making that determination. […]


I’ve had some classes in drawing. I’ve read up on perspective and I’ve practiced drawing scenes in front of me. I find that I must continually check to see whether I have properly estimated the area on my two-dimensional paper to match the corresponding view of the three-dimensional scene in front of me. With practice, […]

Good for the Goose

I shifted directions in my blog, at least for now. Now, I am in pursuit of creativity, my own. I have been pretty good about verbal descriptions of my feelings, investigating possible reasons for the way I feel, using all my powers of observation, reasoning and analysis of trace evidence (yes, I’ve been watching more […]

Emotion & Expression Part 1

My brother is nonverbal, autistic and very low functioning. I don’t know if I will ever be able to communicate with him on any level but the most basic, i.e., Food=Good, No Food=Not Good. Thought Experiment If it is true that every person has a mental state of some kind, and that mental states are reflected in […]