Grandma’s Treat

I ate at a restaurant during my lunch break today. I haven’t done that in a long time. An older woman and a young boy sat in a booth close to me. I was at one of the tables that was surrounded by very high stools. This accounts for the vantage point in the sketch below.

I concluded that the lady and the boy were grandmother and grandson.

This reminded me of the time when I was a kid, in the 1960s. My mother occasionally took us to the city (New York). We would go to Macy’s and eat at the counter in the coffee shop. My grandmother used to work at the very same store when she was young.

Sketch: Pen and Ink - Grandma's Treat

Grandma’s Treat
Pen and Ink Sketch
8″x5.5″ Medium Weight Vellum Finish

(The kid was not visible from my perch.)

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