The Conversation

I love the dynamic between these two people. The man has something to say and the woman is listening. One can see this by each person’s posture: the man leans forward and the woman leans back. Her legs seem to be crossed, even though only one leg is showing.

Face Time – Practice

Usually, waiting rooms are filled with people. Today the receptionist was the sole person there and only visible from the neck up thanks to the high counter surrounding her. When I was done, her likeness looked like the ones you see on foreign coins. Unsatisfying. Fortunately, I had another opportunity to sketch. A young man […]

Lady Filling Out a Form

It is not always easy for one to portray a person seated just a few feet away. Especially when they are facing forward.  Oblique views, or profiles are often less demanding and can be drawn with just a few lines (see Woman with Turban). The portrait below is more about posture and gesture than it […]

Tutor and Tutee

In this sketch, I felt that gestures were more important than proportions (see yesterday’s post). The tutor’s right hand seems to be on an elongated arm. If I had canted the tutor’s posture toward her charge it would make more visual sense. The student alternated positions from upright to bent over: listening and taking notes.

Reading Figures

My first 15-minute sketching session yielded the figure below. The position of the man’s hand on his head was unique among the readers gathered in the cafe. I concentrated on posture in my next sketch session, trying to establish relative positions of limbs as quickly as possible. I wasn’t always quick enough, as in the […]