Lady Filling Out a Form

It is not always easy for one to portray a person seated just a few feet away. Especially when they are facing forward.  Oblique views, or profiles are often less demanding and can be drawn with just a few lines (see Woman with Turban). The portrait below is more about posture and gesture than it […]

Tutor and Tutee

In this sketch, I felt that gestures were more important than proportions (see yesterday’s post). The tutor’s right hand seems to be on an elongated arm. If I had canted the tutor’s posture toward her charge it would make more visual sense. The student alternated positions from upright to bent over: listening and taking notes.

Reading Figures

My first 15-minute sketching session yielded the figure below. The position of the man’s hand on his head was unique among the readers gathered in the cafe. I concentrated on posture in my next sketch session, trying to establish relative positions of limbs as quickly as possible. I wasn’t always quick enough, as in the […]