AutismInspiredArt Etsy Shop: Teaching Memory (2015)

I painted this image from a photograph of a frozen frame of an old 8mm family movie, converted to video tape. The transformations of media that portray this moment (from real life to 8mm movie film, to videotape, to a flickering TV screen, to a photograph and finally to watercolor), illustrated how memory can change over the years. Memories can be sweetened, or recalled with increasing bitterness with time’s passing, depending on intervening circumstances and ultimately, how one reconstructs it. Not a perfect metaphor, but one worth considering.

Teaching Memory (2015) is available at my Etsy Store (9×12″ print, matted to 11×14″), AutismInspiredArt.

AutismInspiredArt: Teaching Memory (2015)
Teaching Memory (2015)
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