Parallel Yellow Lines in Parallel Flatland Universes

This vertical view of Flatland belies the fact that these two sets of yellow lines are in separate Flatland universes. In the three-dimensional world these lines are on two different steps of a staircase. The yellow lines on the left are on a step higher than the ones on the right. Are there parallel universes […]

Sea Scape Inspired by Paul Klee

I began this composition with a series of parallel lines that I drew free-handed. I was thinking of Paul Klee’s compositions that consist of adjacent strips of color. Some of his compositions are made up of seemingly random squares of colors, arrayed in parallel configurations. I used the parallel lines as a skeleton on which […]

I Just Flipped

the calendar to April, even though the month is half over.  My calendar displays a Paul Klee painting for every month. My composition today was based on the Klee painting for April  (a detail of Necropolis). I sat on the porch looking out at the back yard. I sketched caricatures of the potted plants and the trees […]

Homunculino and the Pyramids

Today’s watercolor experiment: Inspiration: I had a nice discussion with my colleague today about the pyramidal tract, a group of neurons that traverse from the motor area of the cerebral cortex to the spinal cord. One notable feature of this aggregate of neurons is that they are visible to the naked eye on the ventral aspect […]