Lines Part 1

I never realized that Leonardo DaVinci (L) and Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (aka Michelangelo (M)) knew each other. They didn’t get along too well, apparently. From what I’ve read, I would rather have known Leonardo. He was so curious about everything. Michelangelo was more competitive and a bit of a snarky fellow.*

L and M approached painting differently as well. L used a technique that did not rely on outlines, He used shading to differentiate shapes and to define subtle expressions (to wit, Mona Lisa’s enigmatic smile). M, on the other hand used outlines extensively. Leonardo derided M by saying he painted like a sculptor, according to Isaacson.

The first part of my painting is about lines, Tomorrow I will add shading, and see if the two techniques coexist.

Watercolor: Abstract - Lines Part 1 111817

Lines, Part 1
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Paper

*From the account of Walter Isaacson, one of DaVinci’s biographers (Leonardo DaVinci, Simon and Schuster 2017)

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