Sprinkler Variation

Yesterday’s painting was inspired by David Hockney’s painting, A Lawn Being Sprinkled. Today’s painting, is more a variation on Hockney’s painting than it is on my own study. The cones emanating from the sprinkler heads (the vertices of the intersecting lines) could be a side view of scene, as in Hockney’s sprinkler painting, or it […]


One of David Hockney’s paintings, from many years ago came to mind today, as I was watering the lawn. I don’t water it very often since it gets hot really early and stays hot really late. Hockney’s painting had cones of white representing sprinkler heads on a background of lush green. The idea for my […]

The Reason

One of the reasons I wanted to draw and sketch was to be able to remember. I wanted to be able to have an image in my head and faithfully transcribe it to paper so other people could see was I saw. I wanted to be able to sketch in case I didn’t have a […]

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