Mike-Related Watercolor: My Made-Up Brother (2015)

My Made-Up Brother (2015)
Mike-Related Watercolor
9×12″ 140# Cold Pressed Paper

The photo below, as ordinary as it is, was an inspiration My brother Mike just turned 40 when I took this picture, almost 30 years ago. I always craved attention from him, which he never gave. I almost needed a magnifying glass to notice that his left eye was looking right at me. It was as if his gaze took me into his brain.

Mike-Related Watercolro: Inspirational Photo circa 1989
Mike’s Left Eye Looking Right at Me
Inspirational Photo circa 1989

I made an enlargement of this photo and cut it in half. I held up the left half of this picture to the mirror and made a fantasy portrait of him. I made him look at me with both his eyes.

Made-Up Mike
Manipulated Photo of Mike’s Half Face (~1989)

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