Mike Sketch Series: Mike with Hand Gesture, February 1992

In the reference photograph for this sketch, I used a detached flash. This resulted in a clear, high-contrast photo.  One of the changes I would make in this sketch would be to make his left hand a bit smaller. It looks like someone else’s finger is in Mike’s ear. I should also work on getting […]

Apples and Oranges

I had intended to explore the history of still lifes in yesterday’s post, but after thumbing through some of my old art catalogs, came upon some hands that I couldn’t resist sketching. I am interested in gestures and their power to convey emotion. My older brother is autistic, low functioning and nonverbal and holds his […]

Hands of Yore

I started preparing for today’s blog by looking up the history of still lifes (which is where I learned that the plural of still life is not still lives). I was going to take a break from hands for a while, but as I was looking through some of my old art bulletins. I came across […]

They Can’t All Be Winners

I must say at the outset, I am not pleased with the sketches I present today.  I really like my photograph, from which the gestures were excerpted, but perhaps it is not transferrable to watercolor. Note: This is another in a continuing series of hand gestures I have been sketching in watercolor (Holding Hand, Hands […]

At Rest with Slinky

My watercolors for the past two days (Resting Position and Resting Hands Revisited) have been gestures from a photograph of  Mike and one of his classmates, M___, at their Day Program. Mike, my older brother, is autistic, very low functioning and nonverbal.  Today’s study In today’s study I portray the hands of my brother. His head is down […]

Resting Hands Revisited

Yesterday’s watercolor study did not portray the emotion or feeling that I wanted. Although each hand position was fairly accurate, I think their relative positions contributed to my unhappiness. Today I was thinking about how to remedy the situation: Perhaps I could include more context. If the forearms or torso were presented, would that help? […]

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