Brief Rest Period

Well, the kids are coming from Chicago. William will be one year old! A lot of preparations are under way. Shopping has changed a little, since I was younger. William’s mom, Bethany came along with us… face-timing on Joy’s phone. They were going down the aisle, looking for the right kind of bottle. Beth kept […]

Good for the Goose

I shifted directions in my blog, at least for now. Now, I am in pursuit of creativity, my own. I have been pretty good about verbal descriptions of my feelings, investigating possible reasons for the way I feel, using all my powers of observation, reasoning and analysis of trace evidence (yes, I’ve been watching more […]

Ready, Set… JUMP!

William said his first word to me yesterday. Amazing for a 6 month old, but true. This is how it happened… He was standing on my lap and I made up this game. I said, “Ready… set…. JUMP!!” He seemed to enjoy it, so we just kept playing. I knew he was anticipating the jump, when I […]

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