Memories of Michael: Ring-Around-the-Rosie (late 1950s)

Before Mike went away, Mom and Dad took us, Mike, Dave and me, on camping trips. I have mostly good memories of them. I think it was Dad who took the 8mm home movies of us kids playing Ring-Around-the-Rosie. When we got to the ‘all fall down’ part, Mike didn’t understand, so I good-naturedly jumped […]

Memories of Michael: Mike and Dad on Willowbrook Visit (early 1960s)

When our family went to visit Willowbrook, we would take him to nearby Al Deppe’s, a souped-up hot dog stand, somewhere on Victory Boulevard. My brother Dave and I played Ski-Ball and marveled at the piano-violin machine that would play duets at the drop of a quarter. I was always wary because I never knew […]

Memories of Michael: Early Memories – Exhausted Mom (1960)

I guess Dad took this picture. I am the one on the right, Dave, my little brother is on Mom’s right, and Mike is to the far left, in the photo. Not sure why Dad only got half of him. Mom looks utterly exhausted. I think I took the picture of the three pumpkins, with […]

Memories of Michael: Nice Picture of Mike and Me (1994)

I haven’t seen this photo in many years. It’s nice to have a memory of Mike* seeming to enjoy himself. I can imagine that we interacted. *Mike was my older brother, autistic, low functioning and nonverbal. He passed away last month.

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