Another Dream Image

Yesterday’s dream image was one of many images I had during my sleep the other day. Today’s study is a rendition of another image in that series. Here is the story behind it:


I attended a well known and respected university, some 30+ years ago. The campus was known for its elm trees until, sometime after I left, they all died from Dutch Elm Disease. I’ve always had mixed feelings about my college years. I was young, socially inept and a bit overwhelmed.


I found myself back on campus. Much had changed. There were department stores where the classroom buildings used to be. As I was walking across the quad, there was a sight that made me stop and take out my camera. (Note: I often do this in real life.)  The buildings in the background blocked out all but a wedge of sky. At the apex of this ‘V’, at ground level, was an elm tree that was lying on its side, uprooted. There was a sign of some kind that noted a date in the mid 1960s (years before I attended school).

The painting below is a detail of that uprooted tree.

Watercolor: Abstract - Uprooted Tree

Dream Image – Uprooted Tree
12″x9″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

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