Open Lines

I usually start compositions with closed curves. That is, if the curved lines were to be extended, they would make a shape, like a circle or an oval. In today’s experiment, I began with open curves. If we extend these lines, they would not converge to make a shape.  I tried to keep this in mind throughout the process of composing this watercolor. I did create some closed space by overlapping lines. I also widened some brush strokes so their lines (ideally one-dimensional) became (two-dimensional) shapes.*

I added spiral lines within one of the enclosed areas, to “bring it to life” (see the spiral in yesterday’s experiment).

Watercolor: Abstract - Open Lines

Open Lines
Watercolor Abstract
16″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block


*  It occurs to me that an interesting follow up on this experiment would be to compose an open-line composition in pencil within which no lines could converge to make two dimensional shapes.

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