Sunset Through Unwashed Window

I began this experiment with a blue stroke near the top of the paper. I laid another one down and  merged it with purple. I made sure that the brush was fully loaded so that I could get some drips. (I like to do that now and then.)  I put a red quarter-circle in the left corner, one of the locations that children frequently choose for the sun when drawing a landscape.  I made another blue-purple line and rotated the paper 90 degrees so the drips would form a coarse grid.  This reminded me of a window. Back in the original orientation, I added orange between the original horizontal blue lines.  It looked like the sky at sunset.

I enhanced the window with fingerprints, smudges, bug smears and streamers inside and out.

Watercolor: Abstract - Sunset Through the Window

Sunset Through the Window
Window Abstract
16″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

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