I began this one with a relatively opaque watercolor called Terra Rosa. I like its tone, although it is a bit dull.

Watercolor: Abstract - Layers

Layer 1

At this point, I had no plan for how I wanted this work to look at the end. I put down some more wide strokes. Some of the blue marks were bold, some more watery. I brightened it up with yellows and reds.

Watercolor: Abstract - Layer 2

Layer 2

The central red wash caught my eye. I outlined it with green and later, with purple.

I have been using a liner brush to lay down thin lines. It added complexity to the background of this piece, even though it was laid down last.

I added thick purple lines at the periphery for containment, or bracketing.

Watercolor: Abstract - Layers

Watercolor Abstract
16″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

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