Quarantine Portrait Sketch: Self Portrait (Rough) from 50 Years Ago

Once again, this drawing did not bring me immediate satisfaction. The first error I noticed was the size difference between the glasses lenses. Later, it occurred to me that the whole face is asymmetric. Asymmetry played a significant role in my artistic development.  My older brother, Mike is autistic, nonverbal and low functioning. His eyes […]

Blind and Better Drawings

I made a couple of errors in my original (blind) drawing, below.  The man’s chin is way too big, is the most blatant one. The other is an unfortunate alignment of the man’s forehead with the swept-back retracted ear muff of his hat. It looks as if I cut off the top of his head. […]

Man with Headphones and Hand in Front of His Face

I started this blind drawing with my pen point on the left earpiece of the headphones. I’m afraid that, in my temporary blindness, there was a lot of pen-point activity in front of the man’s face. Luckily, in real life, the man had his hand in front of his face.  I fixed that, with my […]

Woefully Misproportioned Sketch

I still need a lot of work on proportions, when I draw blindly, that is, without looking at the paper. In the sketch below, my hands had the idea that the body to which it was attached, was smaller than it was in fact. I started from the feet and took my pen for a […]

Seated Man and Mistake Rectified by Parallel Lines

I couldn’t draw myself out of the error I made with the tilt of the man’s head, in the drawing below. But I could, with shading. At first I drew the head with the chin jutting out. In fact, it was tucked in. I darkened the line of the correctly-drawn chin, but I had to […]

Miscalculation of Max Headroom

When one draws blind (that is, without looking at the paper), occasionally one misjudges. The sketch below is an example of such a miscalculation. I began with the jacket draped over the back of the chair. The torso and upper leg are in correct proportion with each other. The distance from knee to shoe is […]