I began today’s painting in a landscape format. I prepared a couple of new solutions of paint. I use small ceramic bowls that others may use for soy sauce, for this. Sometimes these bowls can supply 3 or 4 compositions with paint. I set up a bowl for phthalo blue, one for bismuth yellow, the […]


Fantasy on the Meaning of Life My father was an applied mathematician. He went to work every day and sometimes taught at night. He tried to help me with my homework in high school and I would often zone out during his explanations. I never thought of him as an author, but after he retired, […]


My worry and concern these days is not only for the country but for circumstances closer to home. I used my sketch book today to try gathering my feelings.  Today’s painting began as a gestural study. I began with the lightest yellows and drew an outline from my sketchbook. I surrounded it, first with Peacock blue, a saturated pigment, then with […]

Abstract B

When I first applied the Peacock blue and bismuth yellow today, I was struck by the color they made when they came together. I kept two pools of yellow relatively isolated. Not much of the original blue remained, however.  After this yellow-blue figure thoroughly dried, I dripped red directly to the blue areas. I did […]

Bleeding to Know

Lately, I have been building my paintings by responding to previous paint strokes with new ones. Often I have no idea what I will paint, except for the colors I begin with. Today however, I had something to say. Usually, it is very interesting to encounter people who’s minds operate differently than one’s own. It can be very […]

Under the Sea

I put the blue-green interaction of bismuth yellow and Peacock blue to good use today in my representation of an under-the-sea scape. I didn’t start out with this title in mind, however. The horizontal green lines were produced by the interfaces between these yellow and blue pools of color. I obliterated some of them with […]

In and Out of Focus

I played around with drips today, as I have for the past couple of days. I used a new combination of pigments, though: bismuth yellow and Peacock blue. I created an underpainting of bismuth yellow, edged with a bit of Indian yellow, a fairly unsaturated pigment, closer to orange than yellow. At the top of […]

Anemone at the Gates

I just liked the title, I don’t see any gates in my painting below. I do see an abstract of anemone though. The underlying color scheme of this study is the same one I used for the past couple of days (see Blue and Blue Lire).  I used short, heavy strokes of Prussian blue at […]

Blue Lire

Today’s painting is similar to yesterday‘s. I’ve been starting three paintings at the same time, lately. It gives me an opportunity to try different brush strokes and patterns with the same sets of colors. In the study below, I began by preparing a Prussian blue/water mixture. With my brush soaked in color, my strokes became drippy.  I changed […]