I began today’s painting in a landscape format. I prepared a couple of new solutions of paint. I use small ceramic bowls that others may use for soy sauce, for this. Sometimes these bowls can supply 3 or 4 compositions with paint. I set up a bowl for phthalo blue, one for bismuth yellow, the colors I have been using the most lately, and one for cadmium red deep.

I began with my fan brush and created some wavy lines (not the high amplitude sine waves of yesterday) at the left side of the paper and allowed the excess to drip as I tilted the paper. I wet an area with the yellow and allowed some of the blue to merge with it.

I used the red to paint between drips and enjoyed the orange that was created when I ran over the yellow area. I enhanced the yellow in the center of the paper with blue, to create a green-lined orb.

Watercolor: Abstract - Sailboats at Sunset

Sailboats at Sunset
12″x16″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

I did not know what to call this picture. I held it in different orientations until my wife, Joy, suggested the sailboat idea when I rotated today’s study to the orientation you see above.  The name fits very well.

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