Blue Lire

Today’s painting is similar to yesterday‘s. I’ve been starting three paintings at the same time, lately. It gives me an opportunity to try different brush strokes and patterns with the same sets of colors. In the study below, I began by preparing a Prussian blue/water mixture. With my brush soaked in color, my strokes became drippy.  I changed […]


Today I started working with blue pigments. I’ve always liked Prussian blue. It is a bit on the green side, and it stains – at least it stays on my brushes forever. I began with my backward ‘S’. I was hoping for a bit of a dry-brush look, but my brush was too wet. I […]

#4 Burbank Abstract

Today’s watercolor experiment: Blue was the inspiration for today’s experiment. I saw an exhibition at the Norton Simon Museum about the advent of the different blue pigments, beginning with Prussian blue. It included my favorites, cobalt blue and French ultramarine also. I wish they had a catalog of that show, because I was so enthralled […]


Today’s watercolor experiment: Based on my warmup exercise, I decided to use Prussian blue, carmine red and lemon yellow for my variegated wash today. Below is today’s experiment after the first wash: I love the way the upper portion turned out, where the Prussian blue (a greenish blue) merges with the lemon yellow. Even the lower […]

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