Bleeding to Know

Lately, I have been building my paintings by responding to previous paint strokes with new ones. Often I have no idea what I will paint, except for the colors I begin with. Today however, I had something to say.

Usually, it is very interesting to encounter people who’s minds operate differently than one’s own. It can be very stimulating and inspiring getting to know that person. However, when familiar ways of interacting change somehow: uncommon courses of conversations; misperceptions; lapses in memory; misunderstandings; puzzling actions, the experience is, at best, unsettling.

Communication begins with messages passed back and forth between receptive minds. I began the painting below with yellow curves (bismuth and Indian) to symbolize compressions of air, the medium that transmits sound. Payne’s gray filled the space between the peaks of some of the sound waves; ultramarine blue filled others. Another way to represent sound is a graph of magnitude of sound intensity (decibels) with time. I painted a jagged blue line of decibels next.

Watercolor: Abstract - Bleeding to Know

Bleeding to Know
16″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

I used my flesh-tone mixture to paint a schematic of an ear. I flooded the area outside the perimeter of the ear with red and tilted the paper so it would drip.

I’m not sure whether the ear of the sender or the receiver is bleeding to know.

I am not sure if this painting is finished or if it properly conveys what I want.

2 thoughts on “Bleeding to Know

  1. This painting certainly caught my eye. So I know what I saw before I knew what you intended for me to see. If it is an ear, it is painful. It looks painful as bleeding ears might be. I think it is the ear of the sender, however it could be that it is receiving painful input. It might be finished, but I don’t know. The curl of red on the top makes me cringe.
    Okay, so I don’t think you mind if I share what I saw first? I see the mid-section of a body if you turn the picture so the red is on the bottom. It is blood. The blue swirls are the tummy. It’s still a painful picture to me but it moves me. I really really like this painting.

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    • Wow, Ambi! Thanks for that. I’ll take a look at it in the way you suggested. It was a bit painful to paint in the sense that I knew what I wanted to say but was frustrated by what I put down on paper. I’m so glad that the ideas came across. Thank you for your sharing your thoughts.

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