Grid Position No. 9

The ninth position in my grid is directly above grid #8, and is the last of the three portrait-oriented grid entries.  It is also the final painting on the perimeter of the original grid of 11 paintings. Combined with the painting in grid #8, we see the continuation of the gentle curve of the red-gray-blue arc. The […]

Grid Position No. 8

The eight position in my grid is to the left of grid #7 (at the 7 o’clock position) continuing  in the clockwise direction on the original grid of 11 paintings. Out of the eleven individual paintings, #8 is one of three that is oriented in the portrait position (where the short dimension is the width and the long […]


I began today’s painting in a landscape format. I prepared a couple of new solutions of paint. I use small ceramic bowls that others may use for soy sauce, for this. Sometimes these bowls can supply 3 or 4 compositions with paint. I set up a bowl for phthalo blue, one for bismuth yellow, the […]