Anemone at the Gates

I just liked the title, I don’t see any gates in my painting below. I do see an abstract of anemone though.

The underlying color scheme of this study is the same one I used for the past couple of days (see Blue and Blue Lire).  I used short, heavy strokes of Prussian blue at the bottom of the composition, and in an arc at the top left. In the latter case, I squeezed the excess paint from the brush to force it to drip and added Indian yellow to the mix. You can see this color unadulterated at the upper right and lower left.  I used Peacock blue (on the middle right), which is lighter tone than Prussian blue, yet like Prussian blue, is on the green end of the spectrum.

Watercolor: Abstract - Aerial Anemone

Abstract – Aerial Anemone
16″x12″ 140# Cold Pressed Watercolor Block

Although one can see the cadmium red streaks as slashes across the paper (I did apply them vigorously), one can also imagine them as an integrated part of the composition: The visually attractive tentacles of a jellyfish or anemone, perhaps.

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