Waiting Interrupted

Don’t you just hate it when the doctor is on time?  I made sure I got to the office with time to spare just so I could spend some time sketching. I was wondering what kind of interesting people would in the waiting room. I was disappointed when no one was there. I was making […]

Sitting Man with Inset

I continue to use my waiting time to sketch. Sometimes people move too fast for me. I began to draw a woman sitting, but she was called away and left me in mid sketch. I don’t usually use an eraser, so I used the same space to draw a larger version of the face of […]

Two Thirty-Five

I bring a book and my sketch pad whenever I go to a place where I may be waiting. I have been limiting my sketch time to 15 minutes, which is long enough to fill an 8×5 inch sheet of paper with scribbling that indicates a sense of my visual environment.  If I find myself waiting […]

In the Car: Early to Work

Sometimes, when I’m early to work, I just wait in the car for a while. Now and then I practice drawing. In today’s world of glass windows and reflective storefronts, we don’t always notice reflections. They become invisible unless we make ourselves aware of them. I only captured a few of them in my sketch […]

I’m Tired

And I feel great! I got four new tires for the car today. It wasn’t that much of an ordeal. Although I wasn’t quite expecting a 2-hour wait, I was prepared: had my walking shoes and Plato’s Dialogs in my back pocket. After a 30 minute walk and part of the way through Protagoras, I decided to […]

More Waiting

The art of waiting As I said the other day, waiting is an art form at which I excel. In fact, I was thinking of publishing a book of the drawings I did while waiting for my wife. I’ve gotten pretty good at drawing scenes through the windshield of the car. The dashboard and sun […]