Not Again

Sometimes I have trouble thinking of what to paint. Most of the time I get ideas from books I read or trying to ‘make visible’ (to borrow a phrase from the great Paul Klee) what is in my head or in my dreams. Today a family member with whom I live had to go back to […]

Watching a Scary Movie

When I was a kid I had several methods of coping with scary movies on TV. The first was to hide behind the couch and peek out. The second, depicted below, was to put my hands over my face and look through my fingers.  Dad offered to turn off the movie if it was so […]


It must have been something I ate last night. I had a hard time swallowing and breathing last night and most of the day. I had planned another go at a Kandinsky-esque rule-based composition in my ‘time’ series, but I just didn’t have it in me. Today was more of a Paul Klee day. Klee’s attitude toward composition […]

The Rest

The Rest is history, as they say. But that’s not what I’m talking about. I came down with the flu a little more than a week ago. The doc, or more accurately, the nurse practitioner said that it would take about three weeks to clear up. But, with the flu medication, I would be better […]

Daylight Comfort Zone

Comfort zone: They say that it is good to be out of one’s comfort zone. I’m willing to risk getting back into it for just a little while. The past couple of weeks… make that months have pegged the discomfort needle to the maximum setting: numb.  It started with planning for a trip back east […]

Not only sick…

I hate to keep harping on being sick, but I can’t do much more than that right now. I’ve been back in California less than a week after my return from New Jersey to be with my mother when she passed away. My brother Dave gave me enough notice for me to book a flight […]


My father was known (among other things) for his puns, shaggy dog stories and jokes (an arguable characterization). One of his stories is apropos of today’s situation. It so happens that there was a witch named Enza, who was forever trying to get into one particular house. The resident was fastidious about sealing the home, […]

This is not a Pipe or a Fountain

I’ve been thinking about my mother since her 90th birthday a week ago. I traveled back east to see her and many family members that I had not seen in many years. Everyone enjoyed the time together. Mom had a bad night my last night there. She didn’t seem well in the morning and and we […]


Back home: I’m back in California. I went to Mom’s birthday party in New Jersey and stayed for a couple of days more. Six months ago or so Mom asked me if I was planning to come to her 90th birthday. I said, “Sure, I wouldn’t miss it.” She said, “Good, I’ll hang on until then.” […]