Figure Inspired by Klee’s “High Spirits”

Yesterday I introduced the idea of more than one point of interest in a composition. I referred to the late work of Paul Klee in light of two articles by David Sylvester reprinted as Late Klee, Klee I and Klee II (pages 35-47) in About Modern Art: Critical Essays 1948-1997 (Henry Holt and Company New York, 1997). […]


The decline continues. Kidneys still work, dehydration is under way. Our niece was diagnosed with cancer only 7 months ago. Now, the hospice nurse says one or two days are all she has left. Although she’s not comatose, she is less and less responsive. Our job is to regularly administer pain and anti anxiety meds […]


It could be any time now. Our niece continues to decline from her cancer. Breathing is harder. The only medication she takes now are for pain anxiety. Family members came by all day. My niece’s room was always filled with their respectful, loving presence, in various combinations.


Long day.  Lots of people over to visit us and our niece. She is sick with cancer and the docs say she does not have long. Don’t know how they know that, but it’s looking like they bay be right. Below is a watercolor which was inspired by today’s events.


My niece has cancer. A week or so ago she began hospice care at home. At that time she was alert, I was able to get her from bed to wheelchair, to the kitchen table. She took her meds, ate breakfast, we joked around. She’s famous for her laugh. Rough day today. No details, except to […]

Caregiver Pain

Things are getting worse. Getting her up is harder. Her feet don’t work. She has to stay in bed. Cousin J is here to help. He loves her. He wraps his arms around her and muscles her into position when she slides down. She’s not talking any more. Back aches. It’s hard to move, let […]

Just Before Waking

Today, it was a struggle to find a subject to draw or paint. I had a dentist’s appointment and was in no mood.  However, when I finally sat down at the desk where I paint, I noticed the sketch of my wife, I did last night. I got out the big paper and decided to […]

Not Again

Sometimes I have trouble thinking of what to paint. Most of the time I get ideas from books I read or trying to ‘make visible’ (to borrow a phrase from the great Paul Klee) what is in my head or in my dreams. Today a family member with whom I live had to go back to […]

Watching a Scary Movie

When I was a kid I had several methods of coping with scary movies on TV. The first was to hide behind the couch and peek out. The second, depicted below, was to put my hands over my face and look through my fingers.  Dad offered to turn off the movie if it was so […]


It must have been something I ate last night. I had a hard time swallowing and breathing last night and most of the day. I had planned another go at a Kandinsky-esque rule-based composition in my ‘time’ series, but I just didn’t have it in me. Today was more of a Paul Klee day. Klee’s attitude toward composition […]

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