My Concept of Cloud Formation

I planned to reverse the process of finding faces in clouds by creating faces and hiding them in my painted clouds. It’s harder than it seems. There are a couple of half-formed faces in this abstract, and plenty of half-formed clouds. It seems there is a cut-away, a cross section of a dark cloud that […]

Woman’s Head

I started this sketch without refreshing my knowledge of abstract portraiture. All I had in mind was to contrast the bright side of the face with that in shadow. I used the complementary colors, red and green to do this. After blocking the main features with reds, reddish browns and greens, I filled in the […]

It Ain’t Pretty

There is an optical effect called the ‘waterfall illusion’. If you have ever watched the credits scroll by at the end of a movie, or scroll a computer screen, and then look at a still picture, it appears to move in the opposite direction. A similar thing happened this morning, when I looked in on […]

The Status is Quo

Nothing new. Although she hasn’t had anything to eat or drink in the past 4-5 days, my niece’s condition has not changed much. Cancer is winning. She is non-communicative, and breathing very hard. Many people who knew her have been by to see her and tell her they love her. There is not much else […]


The decline continues. Kidneys still work, dehydration is under way. Our niece was diagnosed with cancer only 7 months ago. Now, the hospice nurse says one or two days are all she has left. Although she’s not comatose, she is less and less responsive. Our job is to regularly administer pain and anti anxiety meds […]

Loquat Leaf Fantasy

I began today with a black ink pen and an idea of a loquat leaf in mind. I made amorphous scribbles that were leaf-ish and loquat fruit-ish and then colored outside most of the lines I created. My style thus far has been to use my lines as boundaries. It is good however, not to […]