One notices repeat customers, even in a very busy shop. The two gentlemen below seem at home no matter which table they inhabit. (See previous sketch here: Two Thinkers.) This sketch is smoother than the one in my previous post.  At that time I did not realize that these gents were friends. They do seem […]

The Status is Quo

Nothing new. Although she hasn’t had anything to eat or drink in the past 4-5 days, my niece’s condition has not changed much. Cancer is winning. She is non-communicative, and breathing very hard. Many people who knew her have been by to see her and tell her they love her. There is not much else […]


Youth When I was a kid, Mom and Dad thought I needed a vacation. Maybe they thought I could use a break from my autistic brother Mike. My aunt and uncle had a bungalow in Rockaway (New York). My cousins would be there and Grandma too. There would be the beach and the waves of […]