Red Lines

I usually begin with dark lines when I begin my compositions with ink. Today I began with red. I applied yellow adjacent to the red lines.  Starting my design with these colors was unsettling, to my surprise. Perhaps this is a reaction to my standard practice of late: using bold, dark lines.  At any rate, […]

Working Out a Problem

Today’s watercolor experiment: I have been having a lot of trouble with india ink. It is supposed to be waterproof when dry, but it disperses when I cover a spot of it, with water. Here are the ink spots that I painted yesterday: Taking care: I may have poured a little too much ink out […]


I just purchased a slide scanner that works with my computer. [George, thanks for the use of yours. I have to get it back to you.] I’ve been viewing film slides that I haven’t seen in decades. One of the more interesting ones is a group portrait of my brother Dave, our dog Chuckie and me, […]


Original interests I mentioned in an earlier post that I started reading The Age of Insight, The Quest to Understand the Unconscious in Art, Mind and Brain, by Nobel Laureate, Eric Kandel.  Part One is entitled, A Psychoanalytic Psychology and Art of Unconscious Emotion. I was hoping that Kandel would discuss art in context of emotions of children and […]