In the Picture

There weren’t many people in the cafe. In fact, the only sketch-able person sat across from me, in front of a darkened window. If I squinted, I could see myself in the window. I put my silhouette into the drawing.

View From the Top

I was a little shaky, but I took my pencil point for a walk this morning. Paul Klee would be proud. Arthur, my pet avocado tree is inside now after a traumatic foray into a pot of soil. He is back in the mason jar, slightly frayed around the edges. I feel really bad about […]

Moving On

The fruits that I sequestered into my little painting area are about to go. I’ve had a great time looking at them. Starting with the apples and oranges, I moved on to more exotic-looking ones: mangos, guavas, misshapen kiwis, Korean melons, horned melons also called kiwanos, and even the elusive dragonfruit. I even included a […]

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