Man with Cool Hat Waiting for Eye Doctor

When there are interesting looking characters around, I draw as many of them as I can. My latest style of blind drawing allows me to draw quickly. I have been thinking of applying these ‘visual notes’ to a more deliberate mode of rendering. Perhaps this is a way back to painting. As with most of […]

Woman with Unseeing Eyes

Usually I draw people who are doing something . They are occupied and unlikely to see me drawing them. The woman below wasn’t doing anything. I didn’t know if she was staring straight ahead, if the was asleep, or if she noticed me as I sketched. I had to look at her though. I kept […]

Facepainting at a Little Girl’s Party

There is a lot of running around at a little girl’s party. The scene below was an oasis of short bits of calm. The face painter must have been experienced, as she was able to keep the kids still for seconds at a time. Time enough for a quick sketch.

Woman with Three Arm Positions

Originally, I wanted to do a few quick vignettes of some of the people in the cafe. I wasn’t quick enough. Before I could render one arm position, the person I was going to sketch next was gone. So I decided to focus on this woman as she changed the orientation of her arm.

Man, Child and Woman Waiting Transiently

I began by sketching the man, who remained in place the longest. I wanted to sketch the little boy who was next to him for a while, but alas, his mom whisked him off before I could even get a decent outline. The woman was a little less transient, but she too decided to take […]

Quick Waiting Room Sketch

I have mixed feelings about waiting rooms. Sure, I would like to be in and out as soon as possible, but the more efficient the office, the less time I have with my subject. I only had a few minutes with this person before I was called away.