Woman with Three Arm Positions

Originally, I wanted to do a few quick vignettes of some of the people in the cafe. I wasn’t quick enough. Before I could render one arm position, the person I was going to sketch next was gone. So I decided to focus on this woman as she changed the orientation of her arm.

Man, Child and Woman Waiting Transiently

I began by sketching the man, who remained in place the longest. I wanted to sketch the little boy who was next to him for a while, but alas, his mom whisked him off before I could even get a decent outline. The woman was a little less transient, but she too decided to take […]

Quick Waiting Room Sketch

I have mixed feelings about waiting rooms. Sure, I would like to be in and out as soon as possible, but the more efficient the office, the less time I have with my subject. I only had a few minutes with this person before I was called away.