Mike Sketch Project: Mike in Hospital, Living it Up (date unknown)

This sketch does not faithfully represent Mike’s amusement (presumably at his situation). The reference photo shows a devilish smile that I just could not capture.  The folks responsible for Mike at that time, frequently had to call emergency services to help take care of him. The visit depicted below must not have been too serious, […]


I am reading a lot about memory. An integral link in the chain of the process that is memory lies deep in the brain. It is called the hippocampus. It looks like a sea horse, which is also known as hippocampus (hippos – Greek for horse and kampos – Greek for sea monster). The cloud […]


The title of this photograph makes it into a narrative. It is closely related to (but different from) Parking Lot Accent, a photo I took at the same time. The viewer can use the title as a prompt to make up her own story.

PC* Arrival, After 7 Hours of Driving

* Processing Christmas: Third in a series of drawings made during Christmas, revisited after Christmas. The second in the series may be found here. Relaxing after seven hours as a passenger. A calming drink helps.

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