Grayscale Tunnel

In today’s experiment, I duplicated yesterday’s pen and ink drawing of one of the many walk-through tunnels in New York City’s Central Park. Today, I used no pen and ink at all. I just used water soluble pencils to sketch the scene. I completed the piece by adding water with a small brush. The Derwent […]

Grayscale Doors

I chose one of my door photographs for today’s grayscale studies. There are so many doors that are interesting in and of themselves. Add dramatic lighting, and the results can be striking. Here is my pen and ink sketch: After washing with Derwent gray watercolor pencils, this is the result:

More Ink/Grayscale Experiments

I’ve been scouring my photo archives for interesting black and whites with interesting geometric composition and a full range of tonal values. For today’s experiment I found a street photo of a dumpster and a staircase that fit the bill.  Here is my pen and ink rendition of the scene: I drew in pencil before inking, […]


I loved the Museum of Natural History in New York as a child in the 1960s, when my parents took me there. There was a cavernous room that had rocks and minerals. Mom loved geology and I was fascinated by the sprouts of yellow sulphur crystals and green and blue copper blooms. I really wanted to […]

Dry Spell

I am hoping to end my painting dry spell, beginning today. I found one of my photos of a hot dog stand that offered a way for me to ease back into painting. It has a good range of tonal values from very dark to very light; the composition is geometric, making it a relatively […]

Did You Know?

Did you know that the Brooklyn Bridge has windows?  I had almost forgotten this until I found the photo below while offloading some pictures from my computer. When I briefly lived in Brooklyn, I commuted to my workplace in Manhattan. I took the photo below on one of my drives home (as a passenger). We were on the approach […]