Cyclops Hydrant Shadow

I have taken many photographs of fire hydrants (see Yellow Hydrant Sculpture, Fire Suppression Infrastructure, Colorful Fireplugs, Fire Plugs, Street and Parking Lot Hydrants). Rarely have I seen such a fine hydrant shadow as the one below. It was cast on a parking lot access road. The blue reflector happened to be in just the […]

Parallel-ish Lines

For the past couple of day’s (I Just Flipped, Interference Pattern) I’ve been painting parallel lines in one form or another. Today on the back porch I found some ‘in the wild’.  There they were on the porch with the umbrella shadow superimposed.  

Ghost of Thanksgiving Past

It must have been post Thanksgiving guilt. One sees things depending on one’s mood, frequently. Or at least I do. I was on the way to the store for some slimming products when I noticed a leaf on the ground. It wasn’t so much the leaf that caught my attention, but it’s shadow. There it […]

Shadow Portrait

You can’t make this stuff up… Indeed I had a hard time making anything up today. I didn’t know what to paint today. Then I remembered a photograph I took a couple of days ago. It was in the afternoon and I noticed the dark shadow of an awning with an old fashioned lamp illuminated by […]

Three Apples

Yesterday I skipped the apple lesson in my new watercolor instruction book (You Can Paint Vibrant Watercolors in Twelve Easy Lessons by Yuko Nagayama) because the ones around the house were not in the best shape. I bought about a half-dozen apples today. Today’s watercolor experiment: I selected three different kinds of apples for my study. One of […]

Fig Tree in Winter Light

Today’s watercolor experiment: All the leaves are gone from the fig tree in the back yard. The weather has not inspired too many photographs lately. It has either been too foggy or overcast. However the other morning, the light glanced off the fig tree in a way that just made me want to snap a picture. […]

Same Fruit Different Day

I ended yesterdays post with a critique of my Apples and Oranges still life. I didn’t think there was sufficient change from brightest bright to darkest dark, that is, not enough change in tonal values. I didn’t want to attempt to fix that for fear that I would muck it up and have nothing worth […]