Light and Substance

At first blush, this is a photograph of nothing interesting. But I took the picture anyway. When I looked at it later, I saw the imitation of the light patterns in the indistinct, eroded painting on the ground: the edge of a white line; the edge of a shadow; dark and bright areas of substance […]

Fig Leaf Overlap

This sunlit leaf causes me to imagine I can see its veins extending down to the chlorophyll itself, sucking up the energy and transmitting it to the rest of the tree.  The intervening leaf blocking the sunlight to a portion of the bright green leaf steals a bit of its sun. However, the tree gets […]

Flatland Shadow on Old White Line Universe

Unlike yesterday’s post, it is possible to determine two separate universes from the third dimension, as seen in the photo below. The curb-level universe casts a shadow on the plane below, which is the realm of the old white line. If this wizened native of the nether flatland has ever encountered shadows from other worlds […]

Cyclops Hydrant Shadow

I have taken many photographs of fire hydrants (see Yellow Hydrant Sculpture, Fire Suppression Infrastructure, Colorful Fireplugs, Fire Plugs, Street and Parking Lot Hydrants). Rarely have I seen such a fine hydrant shadow as the one below. It was cast on a parking lot access road. The blue reflector happened to be in just the […]

Parallel-ish Lines

For the past couple of day’s (I Just Flipped, Interference Pattern) I’ve been painting parallel lines in one form or another. Today on the back porch I found some ‘in the wild’.  There they were on the porch with the umbrella shadow superimposed.  

Ghost of Thanksgiving Past

It must have been post Thanksgiving guilt. One sees things depending on one’s mood, frequently. Or at least I do. I was on the way to the store for some slimming products when I noticed a leaf on the ground. It wasn’t so much the leaf that caught my attention, but it’s shadow. There it […]

Shadow Portrait

You can’t make this stuff up… Indeed I had a hard time making anything up today. I didn’t know what to paint today. Then I remembered a photograph I took a couple of days ago. It was in the afternoon and I noticed the dark shadow of an awning with an old fashioned lamp illuminated by […]