Light and Substance

At first blush, this is a photograph of nothing interesting. But I took the picture anyway. When I looked at it later, I saw the imitation of the light patterns in the indistinct, eroded painting on the ground: the edge of a white line; the edge of a shadow; dark and bright areas of substance […]

Fig Leaf Overlap

This sunlit leaf causes me to imagine I can see its veins extending down to the chlorophyll itself, sucking up the energy and transmitting it to the rest of the tree.  The intervening leaf blocking the sunlight to a portion of the bright green leaf steals a bit of its sun. However, the tree gets […]

Flatland Shadow on Old White Line Universe

Unlike yesterday’s post, it is possible to determine two separate universes from the third dimension, as seen in the photo below. The curb-level universe casts a shadow on the plane below, which is the realm of the old white line. If this wizened native of the nether flatland has ever encountered shadows from other worlds […]